Kings Mountain Animal Hotline

If you have lost or found an animal, call the number closest to your address or, the first number on this page. Volunteers, call each other with your report. Members of the Kings Mountain Yahoo Group should post notices there and check the pet registry to identify found pets.


Betty Ann & Roy  Farwell Nursery area 851- 8190
Jan & Dennis Ruby Bella Vista area 851-2111
Pat & Bob Forest View 851-2272
Lisa & Paul Betlem Swett Rd 529-9294
Patty & Jerry Comstock 851-8947
Jean Ware Road 851-2210
Marilyn & Nick Mid Skyline 851-5041
Carole Mid Skyline 851-0861
Ardyth Mid Skyline 851-0869
Bev County Road 529-1278
Linda & Hank Star Hill 851-8312
Jennifer Bear Gulch East 888-8180

When confronted with an injured or dead animal

The Peninsula Humane Society (PHS) is available to help out in emergencies with both wild and domestic animals. They have an animal hotline you can call at 650 340 8200 (select option #5) to report that you have found either an injured animal that needs help or a dead animal that needs to be picked up. It is a 24 hour service; however, one problem is that there can be a long wait for help due to dispatch staffing issues. They will do their best to expedite your call if you tell them you have an injured animal that is suffering, but they strongly recommend that if at all possible you bring an injured animal directly to the PHS. They have someone on duty after hours as well as during the day -- therefore, you can drop off an injured animal at any time day or night.

It is difficult to determine what to do while waiting for help as each situation is different. An animal in pain may bite or struggle. If it is safe to do so, try and keep the animal warm and as comfortable as possible. If transporting an injured animal do your best to move the animal without causing any further damage or pain. No one will fault you for trying to help -- time is very important and the sooner you can get the animal to the hospital the better. Once you get to the PHS they will help you bring the animal in to the facility.

If an animal has died on a main road, try to move it to a safe place to be picked up. If the animal is on a busy road such as Skyline, please be cautious and careful. You do not want to become part of the problem by endangering yourself or others when moving an animal off the road.

Jan Ruby